When shopping for a new home is a household affair, it helps to have ways to engage kiddoes of all ages.  Children are naturally inquisitive, and long to be included in discussions and the decision making process. 

Parents of toddlers and preschoolers typically have a stash of toys and snacks to keep little ones busy and happy. But we find that elementary and middle-school children tend to fall through the cracks. 

Based largely upon the idea of the children's menus found in restaurants, Providence Group Realty offers a custom, branded activity book in response to this dilemma. While simple, it is also educational, and effective with helping to provide a welcome distraction to long and tedious days of showing with 'boring parents and REALTORS®,'  while still including them in the process and topic of conversation.

Please feel free to download and print a copy to share with your favorite young people. 

These are made to 'print on demand', to be used by parents and REALTORS® alike.

Providence Activity Book For Kids

Download is free. All rights reserved.

Cover Credit: , http://lainakay.blogspot.com/

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